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Hi there,

I just wondered if the ERPNext version at the beta (ERPNext: v6.27.17) is the latest available as production-setup.


hi @daniel and welcome to Frappe and ERPnext community :slight_smile:

actually no, production master is on ERPNext: v6.27.17 but the beta version is different (they didnt change the numbers thats it :wink: )

the beta is working right now on V 7.0 which should be released within a week to a month time…

if you are not a developer or not going to develop apps to the public you are to use production master and use development mode…

Frappe/ERPnext have 2 Masters / Branches and 2 Modes for each Branch…

Beta Version: V7.0 Right now with a lot of headache and bugs (thanks to our beloved developers for the updates :slight_smile: ) and it have a Production mode and development mode to test around…

Stable version: V6.27.17~ and it is the sable version with minimal bugs and easier installation and management and have a production mode and development mode as well…


Hi @ramielian ,

thank you for your warm welcome. “Unfortunately” I am not new :wink: I am working since v3 with ERPNext and am running about 10 instances for my customers.

But thanks for the Information :wink: will be waiting for the new version :stuck_out_tongue: (which is for my business)