Question about "Class Account" in the Account Module

I am curious if the “Class Account” described here: is similar to Netsuite’s feature called “Classes”. In short, NetSuite Departments and Classes are classification put on transactions to segment the P&L results. Typically Departments are used to track expenses by functional department in an organization (e.g. Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Production, etc…) Classes are best used to track elements of the business that generate revenue with associated COGS and Expenses (e.g. Marketing Channel, Customer Type, Fulfillment Type, etc.)

Is that what Class Accounts do in ERPnext?

Accounts in ERPNext are the actual GL codes as one may refer to in other ERP systems. An equivalent of what you are asking could be Cost Center in ERPNext

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@MichaelPinkowski In netsuite it called class.In Erpnext it is called Cost Center for tracking unit or divisional performance

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That’s a big help. Thanks guys.