Question about developer session 10

I have a question in regards of the Frappe developer session 10 published in youtube. It is about the web view. In the video we are supposed to make a html file within www folder. We have also created a .py file to generate that html file. Here is the final code of that python file (I have collected it from github)-

import frappe

def get_context(context):
    context.planned_meetings = get_meetings("Planned")

    # show only 20 past meetings
    context.past_meetings = get_meetings("Completed", limit_page_length=20)

def get_meetings(status, **kwargs):
    return frappe.get_all("Meeting",
	    fields=["name", "title", "date", "from_time", "to_time", "page_name"],
	    filters={"status": status, "show_in_website": 1},
	    order_by="date desc", **kwargs)

My question is, in the context.planned_meetings term- is the planned_meetings term chosen randomly? That means, if the name of my doctype is Book, should i write something like this -

import frappe

def get_context(context): = frappe.get_all("Book", fields=["book_id", "author", "published_date"], order_by ="published_date desc")

And when i access them in my template/html file, should i write -


<ul class="list-unstyled">
    {% for i in book %}
        {{ frappe.get_formatted(i.book_id) }}
    {% endfor %}


I have done the similar and synced bench to add the html file. But my homepage hasn’t changed.

i think the variable has the same name of the file for consistency. If you have a book file, your variable can be named library_books without problems.