Question about gcp

I want to learn erpnext using gcp and have a few question

Can erpnext run on a free tier? How did you setup your instance? Also is the free tier always free like forever or do i need to pay at some point?

When signing up for the free trial do i need to input my credit card?

Are there other free alternative to gcp where i can learn to setup erpnext?

I can suggest

Frappe cloud also gives you 25$ credit so in that credit you will able to learn erpnext setup and all other stuff.

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I dont think a $25 was added to my account when i signed up. Also what does it mean 1 hour cpu time?

Anyone else have alt

I don’t reccommend frappecloud if you want to learn and play with ERPNext. It’s got too many limitations (e.g. extending ERPNext using custom apps is not possible)


What do you recommend?

I think old hardware is more powerful than any free tier vps.

If old hardware is not available, use VM from scratch.

Install Ubuntu/Debian on VM or old hardware and start from there.

It can work on LAN. Small offices can use it like that.

frappecloud is the best way if you are implementing a business system, especially if you do not do code.

free tier of gcp is not enough for ERPNext. But you have a free trial. use the standard tier

You can try digital ocean or Azure. But you’ll likely have to pay for this

Yes I agree. Most free tier has less than 1 G in memory and 1 CPU. Frappe / ERPNext needs more power.

I used to work with virtual machines on my laptop with ERPNext, but I definitely WILL NOT do this again. This setup really slowed down my pace.

Cloud based servers allowed me to do things faster. I am able to save snapshots, take down, or spin-up new servers, do backups and restore backups very fast. So, development time is fast. Very fast.

If you need to do debugging, the nice thing about Visual Studio Code is that it automatically does port forwarding so that the cloud based code is treated like its on local host.

Then, when you need to deploy, it is easy to do letscencrypt (certbot) on the cloud.

So now, I do all my code work on the cloud.

GCP is a good place to start. I also started here.