Question about Item Variant Description

Hello. I wanted to inquire whether there is a way to customize how descriptions are made in item variants? I believe that descriptions are made as such:

So the item description for the item variant lists down the attributes as “Attribute: Attribute Value”. Is there a way to turn that to “attribute value, attribute value, attribute value,…”? I was kind of hoping that this would be customizable so that we don’t have to manually change all the item variants once we use the create multiple variants tool.

Kind regards,

Hi. I was able to find the code view in item description, but I am not sure how to proceed from here. Will continue to explore this. Thanks.

Sorry as this is not configurable for now. The current structure is more cleaner and readable.

To save the space in the Print Format, you can enable Compact Print Format.

Print Settings > check Compact Print Format