Question about the name column

by default when we create a DocType, Frappe creates default columns including a one named “name”.
This column is a Primary Key with a non reading value (ie: 098AB4576) then it’s more a key than a name.
The problem is, you cannot define a column name. Each type you should need to implement one, you need to prefix (ie: customer_name, product_name, company_name).
Do you think it would be great to replace the default name column by “id” or “pk” ?

All suggestions are welcome

PS: this discussion concerns an issue

Its human readable in case of objects like Customer, Supplier etc, only in the case of transactions / child tables it is non readable.

This could be fixed. It was just a work-around since the standard “name” field was not editable in the form (should have been!)

Also in some cases, companies want to have a series or name (for example Customer or Item), so we need to fields.