Question about the purchasing process

Hi Guys
so i have created a purchase order and was wondering how i can complete this order so that it automatically update the qty of the item in my stock. Also is there an option to do a partial receive on an item? like say out of the 5 item i ordered only 3 arrived and i wanna put that to reflect in my stock

also how do you view the qty of an item without drilling into the item info page


you need to create a purchase receipt from the purchase invoice. You can do partial or complete receipt

Some helpful links.

The general workflow for purchasing is PO>make recept note>edit the number of items received in item table>submit the receipt note>make invoice>make payment>view payment ledger or stock ledger separately where a user can view the received item stock entry.

later user can go back to purchase order master and select the same purchase order and update it will number of order received and billed upon which will reflect the changes make and change the status of PO from not received and billed to completed.


when i view the accounting ledger it becomes messed up. not sure if this is normal. see pic below

@CuriousPasserby Yes it should not look like that, please do find my attachment which is generally how the ledger should look like.