[Question] adding link to the Project dashboard

hello friends,

i am trying to add link to a single doctype named Projects Progress Report to the Project dashboard, so my question is how to add single doctype link to the Project dashboard. also is that possible to do it using custom app without changing the core file?

i tried adding that doctype to the Project dashboard like this:

from frappe import _

def get_data():
	return {
		'heatmap': True,
		'heatmap_message': _('This is based on the Time Sheets created against this project'),
		'fieldname': 'project',
		'transactions': [
				'label': _('Project'),
				'items': ['Task', 'Timesheet', 'Expense Claim', 'Issue', 'Projects Progress Report']
				'label': _('Material'),
				'items': ['Material Request', 'BOM', 'Stock Entry']
				'label': _('Sales'),
				'items': ['Sales Order', 'Delivery Note', 'Sales Invoice']
				'label': _('Purchase'),
				'items': ['Purchase Order', 'Purchase Receipt', 'Purchase Invoice']

the link appeared in the Project and works but also produce this error:
OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'tabProjects Progress Report.project' in 'where clause'")

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any help please

Edit: fixed by inserting fake column to the db :smiley: