[Question] Customfield Adress Display


I have made a custom field for an address input in purchase order.
Now I would like to know how I can display it when choosen in the form like it does with the regular shipping address.

Here is a picture of what I mentioned I would like to achieve

Thanks for all the help.


In ERPNext search bar type Address Template and go to Address Template List.
Create your own and it default.

It doesn’t matter which Address I take, it wont look like the picture I posted because I don’t know how to display the custom field like it is in the picture.
At the moment I only see the name and not the blue colored part which I wish I would see.

below is standard address template, you can replace or add field as per your requirement:

{{ address_line1 }}<br>
{% if address_line2 %}{{ address_line2 }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if city %}{{ city }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if state %}{{ state }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if pincode %}{{ pincode }}<br>{% endif -%}
{{ country }}<br>
{% if phone %}Phone: {{ phone }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if fax %}Fax: {{ fax }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if email_id %}Email: {{ email_id }}<br>{% endif -%}

I hope you put all the required details in address document of related party.

I think there is a misunderstanding.
I would like to display the address when its choosen with a custom field right below.
I need to know how to edit a custom field to display the address.

I think you showed me how to display my address in the custom print.

You need to do below -

  1. Custom field should have data type as Link and option as Address
  2. Write a custom script to pull address based on selected address from custom field.

Hope this is what you want.