[QUESTION] How to import old sales invoice per warehouse without stock update?

Hi all,

basically we need to import last 5 years sales for store forecasting.

How is possible to import old sales invoice per warehouse without update stock quantity?

As far as i know, it’s possible to select warehouse only if update stock is checked.

The goal is to write down a custom app …but not sure if it’s possible to assign sales invoice to warehouse without updating stock.

Any hint appreciated.

Thx in advance.

have you done this import?

how it will reflect in the accounting module?

One way I think it can be done is by not keeping Maintain Stock when Item Master is created. Complete all old Sales Invoice and then update Maintain Stock on Item.

Other method is by making Sales Invoice without Update Stock ticked. Here you would need to close Delivery Note manually or not make Delivery Note.

Not sure how accounting will reflect. You can try both methods and see the results.

@Muzzy, thanks for the suggetion but it don’t let to change.

Once Item with Maintain Stock is created it cannot be unset. You need to duplicate it, remove tick to create ne Item