Question in Period Closing Voucher

There are 2 fields: Transaction Date(which has default value) and Posting Date.

Question is: what is the Posting Date for this case, what’s difference between those 2 fields?

Extra question for other 2 fields:, What are those for?
Closing Fiscal Year
Closing Account Head


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In my opinion, the Transaction date refers to the date on which the final transaction occured with which you will be closing the account for the year.
Posting date simply refers to the date on which the Voucher itself was submitted
Closing Fiscal Year refers to the year for which you areclosing this account.
Closing Account Head is simply the account which you wish to submit this transaction/voucher for.


Posting Date will be when this entry should be executed. If your Fiscal Year ends on 31st December, then that date should be selected as Posting Date in the Period Closing Voucher.

Transaction Date will be Period Closing Voucher’s creation date.

Closing Fiscal Year will be an year for which you are closing your financial statement.

Closing Account Head will be the ledger where difference on Income and Expense will be booked. Its mostly Reserve and Surplus Account, located under Liability group.