[Question] Long term development of Frappe Framework

I’ve been very satisfied with erpnext / frappe and promote my friends to whenever they have a need for a system.

Dec 2018 I have installed erpnext and everything was fast and smooth.

Last month, I have installed and tested frappe / erpnext but found that there are errors, stuck and resource intensive.

I am building a long term webapp and considering between laravel and frappe. Could anyone from Frappe team can explain to me the situation / condition about frappe whether it can be use for serious webapp development?


Hi, my experience is limited, but it really depends on your project. Do you have time or not? I personally use ERPNext as well as code projects in Laravel.

Cases for Frappe:
Use Frappe if your project is form intensive. If you are going to create 20+ forms, in Laravel although absolutely possible will cause you more work to set up. Remember that each form has multiple parts: List, Pagination, Filters, Search, Forms, Save + Edit code, etc. This particular part Frappe really does excel and the reason why it’s so resource intensive is that it is heavily dependent on cache. Many times you will go into a form filter something, go out, then return back and all the filters will still be as you left it. This makes the user interface much more enjoyable. To replicate this on Laravel would take alot of hours that you may or not have.

Cases for Laravel:
If your project is low on forms, and heavy on API’s, nothing will beat Laravel. It’s low on resources and can quickly and securely scale to your requirements. Also use Laravel if you need a very specific user interface.

So basically:
For Form based Apps: Frappe
For Social or any other project: Laravel.

Hope this helps clarify some of your doubts.

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