[QUESTION] Not understanding some new fields in item file

Can someone help me to understand the following:

‘Standard Selling Rate’ - How does this interact with price list prices? I’m not sure how this is intended to be used.

‘Default Material Request Type’ - When is this used?

Also, shouldn’t minimum order quantity be supplier specific?

I am not sure about Standard Selling Rate, bu the Default Material Request Type is used as part of the Production Planning Tool. When you generate material requests from the PPT, it needs to decide what type of material request to generate for each item. This is where it gets that information. There was an issue before where only Purchase Material Requests were being made, even if the items were part of assemblies.

I think there needs to be a rethink on how Item Price and Price Rules are organized. Personally, I’m really not sure that Item Price has a place. I’m not sure what it does that a Pricing Rule cannot, and Pricing Rules give you the flexibility to organize things like minimum order quantities, quantity pricing, etc.

Thanks for the help with Material Request Type. I don’t remember seeing the discussion to add it.

I’ve never much cared for the item price doctype myself, but I can’t help thinking that perhaps that Item Price could be a child table in the price list. Combining Price Lists with Pricing Rules, that seems like it may be more difficult though, since there are so many possible types of Pricing Rules.

To add further to the confusion, In my testing of ERPNext and the Manufacturing User, Standard Selling Rate shows up in the item view, when I believe it shouldn’t. Another caveat is that the Item page shows for the Manufacturing User, but an error pops up stating insufficient permissions. I’ve checked permissions and Manufacturing User has read on Item.


This is still an unanswered question to me. Can somebody please help to understand what “Standard Selling Rate” is? When I add a new item I have to enter a value there. This value is the initial item price. But when I change the Standard Selling Rate later in the item is does not update the item price.

I’m quite knew with ERPNext and I’m currently testing it to see if it fits our needs. I guess I understand some of the basic concepts yet, but not all :slight_smile: