Question regarding data structure for custom lead information

Hi community,

I’m hoping for some insight on a question regarding structuring of a customization I’m working on.

First, the use case.

We have lists of potential leads (10,000+ entries) that I have created a new doctype for, called Prospects. It sits one step before Lead in the sales funnel. One role at our company (for these purposes we can call them Prospector) is to go through these lists and either qualify (convert to lead) or disqualify the prospect. From there, the inside salesperson manages the qualified lead and attempts to move them through the funnel.

We have three (potentially more in the future) business lines that are tied together in our common company goal, but require different information regarding the prospect for filling out a “lead form”, which is information regarding the Prospect/Lead gathered by the Prospector and filled out in the Prospect document. This information carries through to the Lead doctype.

Since there are three different business lines, I have created a Select field in Prospect to choose between these, and then three collapsible section breaks, one for each product line, that shows if the select field matches.

With regards to the information that is held within this section - i.e. information related to the Prospect, gathered by the Prospector, is it better to create a child table that stores the information? Or to have the fields in the doctype (Prospect, Lead) itself?

There will be 5-10 fields that will store answers to questions posed to the Prospect.

Thanks for your help!

hi Alec,

I’m not really an expert, but I would suggest that if you have different questions or different amount of answers, that’s where I would put a child table. if it’s the same information being gathered every time, I’d put it as fields on the doctype itself.