Question regarding General Ledger

Hi all,

I have rewritten the general ledger .py file and assign it to my needs.

Basically I succeeded in getting my Report to look as I need it. But unfortunately I need to check if the invoice have been paid and then it should not be displayed in the report.

        result = []
    for d in data:
            if d.get("voucher_type") == "Sales Invoice":
                  if (d.get("debit") != 0 and d.get("debit") > 0):
                    result.append([d.get("posting_date"), d.get("account"), d.get("debit"),
                    d.get("voucher_type"), d.get("voucher_no"),
                    d.get("against"), d.get("cost_center"), d.get("remarks")])

But basically I am missing a “paid” section. Also when I use the “classic” report which came out of the box from your genius, the invoices that have been paid will not disappear-


May be you should consider “Accounts Receivable” report, it shows only outstanding invoices.

Hi, have already taken a look at…


But I cannot create a payment…I read this:

And all I get is a journal voucher. I would do it as following:

Maybe there is something wrong with the payment or accounts… I have no clue why this is not being updated. I tried all instructions i found…

In EPRNext, Payment Voucher is a Journal Voucher only.

And in report, to find the payment amount, you should consider all “Credit” entries for a customer from “GL Entry” table.


Sorry…i understood the Workflow as you See above. But the amount will be not marked as payment.


Please close this…I feel ashamed…i only had to reboot the VM… :flushed: