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Some words contains “<” in .csv for translating. (40-50 words)

"All possible Workflow States and roles of the workflow. <br>Docstatus Options: 0 is""Saved"", 1 is ""Submitted"" and 2 is ""Cancelled"""

On, these are not appeared.

I guess, they are omitted at .

Then I have questions:

Q1. Is there any problem for showing words which contains “<” ?

Q2. Is there any way to translate these words, without editing csv file?

Thank you and regards,

@Tsutomu_Mimori We want to replace strings that have HTML. If you want to help, you can just remove the HTML tags from such strings at the source and send a pull-request.

If HTML tags are absolutely needed, then description should be updated via JS where it can be broken down and translated.

Hi @rmehta ,

OK, I understand and I will do!

Thank you and regards,