Questions regarding Manufacturing module

Hi, we are considering migrating to ERPNext and I am just coming up to speed with manufacturing module and I have some questions regarding it. I have imported our database and tested it for a few weeks now and there are still some things that I am not sure about.

We are small design house for embedded electronics that also does production and assembly of electronic modules. We manufacture prototypes and small quantities in-house and large quantities are built by a Contract Manufacturers. That means that we purchase and store all components and parts needed for those electronic modules. That results in many warehouse locations. One of those locations is room for receiving components (items) which is also Default Warehouse for items. After components are received, they are transferred to another warehouse. So one item (one part number) can be stored in multiple warehouses. For example:

We order 10k pcs of Capacitors 100n. Then they arrive and we store them in Warehouse 1. After some time we order 5k more. They arrive and then they are stored in Warehouse 3. So now we have 15k pcs of Capacitors 100n: 10k pcs in Warehouse 1 and 5k pcs in Warehouse 3.


  1. First question is related to items stored in multiple warehouses and Stock Entry - Material Transfer for Manufacture.
    When we create new Stock Entry (Purpose: Material Transfer for Manufacture) from Production Order it automatically writes Items Default Warehouse (Receiving Goods) under Source Warehouse for all items from Production Order. See the picture:

Is it possible to set it to automatically write one of items warehouses that has stock of that item. In the previous example of capacitors in Column: Source Warehouse it would automatically write Warehouse 1 or Warehouse 3. If that is not possible, is it possible that the drop-down menu that we get once we click on Source Warehouse just shows actual locations of that component and not all warehouses? Also if you know any other way that we could automatize it, I am willing to listen because right now there is too much manual work included.

  1. Next question is related to BOM. When we make Production Order, we have to print BOM with warehouse (locations) of components so that a worker could collect all components. So is it possible to print BOM with next columns: Item Code, Qty (defined by BOM), UOM, Manufacturer, Manufacturer Part Number, Warehouse and Qty (stock in a warehouse)? Is there a report like this or we need to write custom script?

Thanks in advance for any help, also I am willing to explain a bit more if this is not understandable enough.

Hi @jpuskar

Yes, both is possible with an custom script