Quick Entry Permission issue


I have a weird issue where in my custom app I created a doctype that has user permission set and when I create a new entry the quick entry form loads. When I click save I get a persmission error, but if I click on “edit in full page” then it allows me to save, am I missing something?

Thanking you in advance for your help.


Hi @hpema108! May I know what is your permission error? For a new DocType, normally it is due to a link field which the user do not have permission yet. You can go the link field DocType and give the user even just a “Read” permission and you will be fine. :slight_smile:

Hi @creamdory,

the error says I dont have access to the resource, but this is only on the quick entry form. When this form shows there is a link to the full page form, so if I click this link and the full page loads with the new entry - the save button works without me changing anything.

There is a link field which I populate via a default value on the doctype and it shows correctly on the quick entry form - so Im suspecting something with the new feature of the quick entry and permissions thats not working as planned.

For now Im clicking on the link to take me to the full page form, but would prefer the quick entry form working. Im sure im missing something in the design cause quick forms work on ERPNEXT, so just need to know what.


seems to be working now after last update…will mark this thread as solved.

My bad…I had the “Apply User Permissions” set to false on my dev vm, when I deployed on live server and setting the permission to true then the quick entry form does not work. Im checking all fields are set but as soon I click on “Edit in full page” and save the entry, it inserts and does not give me any errors.

I still think there is an issue with the quick entry forms, or im missing something on the setup.

Please assist to get quick enty forms working on my doctype.