Quick sanity check please. Does "Social" work in Frappe install or does it need full ErpNext install?

You can ignore this question, if you’re working exclusively with a full ERPNext installation.

If you do have a simple Frappe installation (without ErpNext), I’d appreciate some quick information, please.

I’ve been trying to experiment with Frappe’s Publish and Subscribe.

Unfortunately I suspect it isn’t working at all in my Frappe installation. “Social” allows me to Post content or to Chat in a room but the results aren’t visible until I refresh the page!!.

I installed Frappe w/o ErpNext so as to learn about app development, but I specifically wanted to use PubSub with NodeJS. From what I can see, PubSub is not working at all.

So my questions are:

  • In your simple Frappe only installation (no ERPNext), when you Post some content, can you see it without having to refresh the page?
  • Do you use PubSub in other ways that also work? How did you set it up? Test it?

So I did a complete reinstall with Bench v5.0.0

Now I get Pub/Sub behaving itself in Social

I have no idea what broke it in the previous version or if it ever even worked.