I followed the number of discussions around the creation of a connector between ERPNext and QB. Looks like Indictranstec did complete the development.

As I am new to ERPNext I am battling to understand how to install the connector as described in the github link. Will it run on the ERPNExt online solution or only on the local installation…

Any help / direction appreciated.

@StrikingEnergy: this connector is a custom Frappe app. Therefore it is not available in Frappe-backed ERPNext cloud at www.erpnext.com

You will be able to install it to your own instance of ERPNext (whether locally in-house or on a cloud VPS premise you manage).

@gvyshnya: Thanks for the quick and somewhat bad news :slight_smile:

What will the possibility be that the Quickbook connector be available as a App in Erpnext.com. Same as the Shopify connector?

Was it pure demand that elevated Shopify “into” ERPNext?

At this stage of ERPNExt a number of functionalities is absend (banking integration / Customer statements) that are critical for complaince to standard processes. We decided on the online version for backup, mobility and version updates. To now move to a own host solution for QB will defy the purpose…


Is there any news on this? Still no way to synchronize quickbooks with ERPNext on the frappe cloud?

It seems that there is no way to connect ERPNext at all.

It seems that the app is not being maintained anymore (see the last commit)

Plus, Quickbooks recently upgraded to OAuth2. So even if you were to install the app, you can’t connect to it as complained by users here.

Are there any plans to connect this to ERPNext Cloud as mentioned above? This would be great for bookkeeping purposes and keeping bank accounts and GL entries aligned in harmony. :slight_smile:

@charlie-cook a connector was planned.

After Indictrans developed the connector it seems there was no requirement for another request. Hence I see no new feature request created in Github.

For a start, perhaps you can create a new feature request on Github and post it here so community members can go and upvote.

This would bring it to the attention of the devs and perhaps the foundation too can have a look at it if it has a lot of upvotes.

Apart from Quickbooks, I see people requesting instant integration/migration for Xero and Tally too.

One more thing to learn would be to identify the gaps that exist between these accounting softwares and ERPNext. In the long run it would be best for everyone to strengthen our accounting module. Afterall, the purpose of an ERP is to have all things at one place.


We have been working the team at Indictrans for a few months trying to get a QBO connector working as an App. Once that is done, we are hoping to sponsor a project to merge the code to the Core. But we can’t make any promises about what will work or when it will be available.


anything new on this? I am coming from QuickBooks Online, and am having a hell of a time importing transaction history, inventory, etc.

I have been looking for a LOOOONG time for a QB replacement, and I think ERPNext is IT! If some basic import tools were included, I truly believe this could be a QB killer.

at least, for those of us who want QB to die. :wink:

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The good news is that there is a new QB online connector in V11. It may be a bit buggy as it’s only been released a few weeks but it’s a great start.

V11 isn’t yet a full production version (should be out sometime soon) but certainly fine for testing to see how the connector works. Also the connector was written by Frappe themslt and is in the core so it will be well maintained and updated as necessary.

Would be good to hear your comments on it when you get it working :grin: