Quickbooks integration

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Hi rmehta,
In January you advised the QBO is something you want to do, and estimated 2-3 months lead time.
Kindly advise, has this project been started? If yes, what is the new ETA. Thank you,

I would advocate for improving the internal accounting functions of ERPNext. QuickBooks users hate using QuickBooks. It’s glorified check formatting software.


@tmatteson I hate paying taxes but I have to. Specific accounting packages give localisation and integration to local Tax Authorities which is something ERPNext probably never will. They can be complimentary as they perform different functions. People get too hung up on the word Accounting assuming wherever they see the word they are going to get the same thing. That’s far from the case.

Just thinking out loud here …
First step would be to create a general localisation template for taxes (for payroll, revenues, assets depreciation, etc.)
Second step … community based … fill that template by country and keep it up to date.
I think I have seen some group on this forum trying to get localisation for Australia, Brazil, Germany, etc.

Maybe one should create a thread on accounting & localisation and see what have been the hurdles so far in people who have implementing localisation for accounting in their Cie.

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I don’t think this is an either/or kind of question. I think both should be present.

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