Quickbooks Integration Development

ERPNext is collaborating with Indictrans to develop a ERPNext Connector for QuickBooks. The connector will be able to sync relevant data between ERPNext and QuickBooks and more.

Here’s the full features list : ERPNext Quickbooks Connector · Issue #5202 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

We’re actively looking for sponsors for this project to aid the development. Any help would be appreciated.

ERPNext Team


We are interested to sponsor development - send me a PM or let me know what is needed to be a part of this! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time :smile:


@vjFaLk, @alec_ruizramon1 we are interested in sponsor this development too!



Is this of the QB Online or QB Desktop? We are very interested in the desktop edition. Count us in for that one!


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I am interested in sponsoring development as well. Let me know how I should go about that.

Is there a timeframe in place for this feature?

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Will there be an interest to develop connectors for Tally also? I’m sure there will be a lot of interest for sponsorship. We, for one would be willing to sponsor such a connector for Tally.

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Nathan, this is so far for QB Online.
For QB Desktop with whatever limited exploration we have done we are uncertain with respect to right approach, feasibility and maintenance in terms of changing client versions (and supporting various version).

Always welcome.

We will share the github link shortly with issue list. We are compiling the basic work ready with us in pieces and that would be start point.

Hey, we now have a proper Features list : ERPNext Quickbooks Connector · Issue #5202 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

We will soon confirm and let you guys know how we can pool our funds towards the development.

ERPNext Team


@kirthi Just gave a super awesome suggestion of developing a similar connector for tally.

In the manufacturing and retail, it is one of the most used software and such an integration will definitely attract more users as people still want to use tally but need more features that ERPnext has.

You could think about it after the quickbooks integration. I hope we get sponsors for that as well.

Hi, rarely a new feature has been welcomed with so much enthusiasm.
I do not see why, so I guess I missing something important.
I know that QB is (among) the most populat accounting programme for SME. If I look at their functionality I do not see anything that is not offered already by Erpnext.Why should someone pay Euro 13/month minimum to have QB running next to ERPNEXT.
Can someone explain me what I’m missing.??


In my case, the accounting department of where I work absolutely hates change. Our sales team loves ERPNext, but the accounting department never wants to change from Quickbooks. If we can get them to sync we will have the best of both worlds. Happy accountants and happy sales people.

I really don’t get the point what to integrate in quickbooks to erpnext. In my opinion erpnext and quickbooks are aiming the same thing and erpnext does it better in many ways. Would integration means migration? Or would this means integrate the quickbooks POS that erpnext is still weak in this area?

In our organization at least, all of our “official” accounting is done in QBPro. I think that many accounting professionals have experience with QB and don’t want to transition to a new system - the potential consequences for accidentally missing something due to a new software solution for bookkeeping are much higher than in other areas.

That isn’t to say that ERPNext isn’t as good! It mostly just means people are very resistant to change something that they’ve used their entire career.

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I think it will create more complex problem than create a solution. When implementing ERP most documents movement in a company it involves accounting entries. Every sales, stock transfer, inventory count etc. Every status of the document cancel, submitted and amended documents from ERP it involves changes to the accounting. For this its hard to maintain and reconcile if accounting is separates from ERP. For me If an organization is not ready to integrate all there system better not implement an ERP system because ERP system is costly and takes a lot of changes to the organization. If the organization is not ready to change its better to use specific software like if you need a software for customer used an open source CRM like sugarCRM,Vtiger or if you need project management you can use ProjectLibre etc. In short if the organization does not want to integrate there whole system better not invest in ERP. Just my to cents.


@ccfiel, I fully agree with you! But for migration purposes I believe that a solution is needed!


@max_morais_dmm Yes I do agree for migration purposes :slight_smile:

Agreed… most potential clients for us are already using Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon…

A solution which will allow for seamless migration from the above to ERPNext opens up potential new market share… particularly in migrating:

  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. Customer Base
  3. Transaction Histories

We would be interested in sponsoring this also, and happy to put an Australian localisation spin on it too if needed.


Sorry for the delay! Here’s an update : Contribute to the Quickbooks Connector

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