Quicker alternative to Delivery Note?

We’re using Sales Orders to manage transactions on a variety of digital goods, and our “delivery” involves a very small amount of non-automated work for our sales team. We’d like to use the delivery status to track this work, but creating a Delivery Note for each transaction is tedious. (Often, we’ll be processing a dozen or more of these at a time.)

Is there a way, either via UI or custom script, to update the “Delivered Quantity” variable in the Sales Order Items without having to create a new document?
Thanks in advance!


You can skip Delivery Note and directly proceed to Sales Invoice. For do so, go to Selling Settings and select “Delivery Note Required” as No.

You can directly create Sales Invoice from Sales Order and select “Update Stock” to have the same effect as the DN.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Michelle!

We’ve already set Delivery Note Required to “No”, but the “Update Stock” approach doesn’t work because we have to issue invoices before delivery, Is there any alternative?

One option would be to create new delivery note, and use the Get Items From option to pull items from multiple sales orders for that customer.

Most of the time, it’s only one sales order per customer, so that wouldn’t help unfortunately.