Quickest way to customise doctype layouts

Hey guys.

Just wondering the quickest way to edit the layouts of doctypes. Please let me know. I can’t go field by field and drag them up and down


In the develop/v15 branch, the Form Builder provides a great visual way to rearrange the form layouts as needed.

It’s a v15 only feature which will not be back ported to v14.

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You can download the fields (download button at the bottom of the customise form child table) and then work with the custom fields in a spreadsheet. Can be a bit challenging keeping track of required fields and syntax, however it’s a lot easier to move many fields around (provided they’re custom fields, not core fields).

Once you’re done you can upload them and save.

If you create all the fields first with customise form, and then manage their arrangement or sequence in the spreadsheet you should avoid any errors when uploading and saving.

In v14 core fields can now be rearranged :grinning:

Hallelujah! :partying_face:

Not deleted though right

No, but they can be hidden. Or more effectively, if you have a group of core fields in a tab or section, just hide that and all of the fields within are hidden away.

So create a Hide Tab

You could do, might be a good way to bung it all in one place.