Quotation Approval from Customer Portal?

I need the customer to see the quotations we have sent (through email) on the portal. Furthermore, I would like to know how can I add the functionality that a customer can login to the portal and accept/reject the quotation.
The customer should be able to only accept/reject the quotation and add a note. Other than that the customer should not be able to edit any field in the quotation.

I have played with multiple settings but could not get it done, when I add a custom menu item in Portal Settings (route /quotation), I can show the quotation title to the customer in the Portal but when the customer clicks the title, it give a blank screen with {{body}} on top right.

How to achieve the above mentioned situation?

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I could make it work by assigning read permission to Customer role on Quotation, and Portal Setting (like mentioned by you). But since we cannot apply User Permission for Website Users, all the Quotation becomes visible in the Customer’s login.

Can you please create a Github Issue to apply User Permission by default for the Website User on all the sales transactions. Same way, to suppliers for purchase transactions.

Created issue.