Quotation - create a default list of items pre-filled


We have a stock set of items that we offer quotations on. Is there a way that we can input all these items (about 9 in total) and reuse this as a template for future quotations just changing customer/lead, quantities and prices?

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In ERPNext,there is functionality of “Data Import tool” (Setup->Data->Import/Export data) using that you can download "Quotation"template. (Select Type of Document to Download =Quotation)
Download that template → Insert multiple item name and customer or lead name in that .csv
-After you uploading that template ,you can change customer or lead name.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Wouldn’t it be easy to setup a sample quotation with all these 9 items and save it and use it as a template. Next time when you need to create a new quotation, go to this saved version and click on copy to create a new quotation based on the selected quotation (template).

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Simple way is, create quotation with 9 item, bookmark it.
When you want to give quotation to another customer, just Duplicate it and change the customer.
You can find Duplicate option in Menu


Thanks for that - seems to work - still slightly convoluted though.

I assume you mean bookmark it into browser.

Still needed to create dummy customer name - would have preferred an empty quotation just the products infilled.

Many thanks though and the others for their input too.


You can bookmark in browser or Add Star in ERPNext
Yes, its good if you create dummy customer name.

I remember using the star to setup favourites before - I must be having a blind moment though. I thought there was an extra option on the main menu to access them - I have starred the quotation where can i find my starred/favourited things?

Thanks again


you can add filter Starred By your name to find your favorite records

Sorry, Any improvement for this request , I have same need as above .

This is already resolved.
Create one quotation >> bookmark it >> Duplicate for the next one.

@kolate_sambhaji @Brent_Glover, could you please mark this as resolved and close.