Quotation Creating Error

While Creating Quotation in Selling it gets Blinking While Selecting Customer Address and Items Can Any One Tells Me Why.

Can you elaborate ?

You Can Check at Youtube Link 20191109 120229 - YouTube

Have you made any changes to the code ? Or any custom scripts ?

No Not At All Yet

Will Some One Help me?

I think it is the page refresh that is causing this blinking. In ERPnext, selecting link field (that Customer field is also a Link field) auto-fills various fields.

However clicking on the Item table, and leading to customer field selection seems odd.

I Restarted the Couple of Times

Try in another browser. Check if your browser has any 3rd party application that is refreshing the page. Clear browser cache Finally try by updating the system to latest build.

Same Thing Happens in Another Browser also

Sounds like an install error or JavaScript issue.

Try the developer console and see if there are any errors there

I have Reinstall it Then Also Same Error…

Any Solution for this I am Stuck Over it