Quotation does not update customer address


I created a quotation with just customer name. After adding all the items, I added address for that particular customer. However it does not reflect in my quotation (PDF Format) after refreshing the page.

This is how my custom print format looks like.


Customer{% if doc.customer %}{{ doc.customer }}{% endif -%} Date{{ doc.get_formatted("transaction_date", doc)}} Address{{doc.address_display}} Quote Ref{{ doc.name}} `

Can you share the screenshot, does rest of the fields gets displayed?

Here is the screenshot.

Does your quotation have Customer Address?

This is what I see. This is something done by a consultant for us.

Is there any Jinja Tag for customer addresss other than the {{doc.address_display}} tag?

Note that when I create new quotations, my template gets the address. But old quotations which created before adding address still render without address. Is it the way print format is designed?

No I mean the quotation itself which you are trying to print.

And there is a Address field, you can drag and drop it, instead of writing a jinja template.

Looks like I need to reselect the customer again… In this case, I cannot edit customer since the quotation is already submitted…