Quotation/Invoice Print View Does Not Display Item Name

I’d like to print the item name along with the item code on a quotation/invoice if they are different, and in fact the POS Invoice shows this code:

Setup → Print and Branding → Print Format → POS Inoice

{%- if item.item_name != item.item_code -%}
					<br>{{ item.item_name }}{%- endif -%}

However, the item name is never displayed. Does anyone know, why that is?



Shows me correct on demo.frappecloud.com


Thanks for your reply.

I guess I was using the wrong template then. You are right, the item name is printed on the POS invoice but not on a quotation, purchase order, or sales invoice.

Purchase Invoice: Product data entry

Purchase Invoice: Print Preview

Link: https://demo.frappecloud.com/desk#Form/Purchase%20Order/PO-00149

Here, the item name “Wooden Sheet” is not shown on the print preview.

If would be great if I could have the item name also be displayed on print.



Item Name in standard reports is shown if “Print Hide” is unchecked:

You can uncheck print hide via Setup > Customize > Customize Form > Select Quotation Item


This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much!