Quotation is not showing after allowing from the user permission

I need help to resolve the issue of user permission. Like, I have set some user permission on a user and application document is QUOTATION but quotations are not showing to user of their team member.

How we can resolve the issue?

Please check user permission and role permission. You must have made a mistake somewhere.

Sir, the scenario is, there is one manager and the team members. I applied the user permission on the manager to only can see the documents of own team members but I applied the user permmision but not showing the quotation of team members.
I have checked the role permission and user permission. I suppose both are correct.

It’s quite challenging to explain in detail here. You need to create different roles and assign them to users for the Quotation.

You’ll have to manually check each role to determine which users can view, access, and create quotations based on their assigned roles.

Role permissions are typically complex and require a deep understanding to manage effectively.

Sales Manager has only one role permission. The problem occurs when we apply the user permission on the manager.