Quotation Item default Warehouse

SHORT: Where do I set the default Warehouse for the Quotation Items? It doesn’t fetch the same warehouse as in Sales Invoice Item.

I just started using Quotations (apart from Sales Invoices and Inventory), but even though the same user which creates Sales Invoices and the SO’s items get the warehouse from the default Warehouse set in the user’s permissions, in Quotations the items get a warehouse that I don’t know where it fetched it from.

Thanks in advance


You have to create a custom field label = “Set Source Warehouse” and fieldname = set_warehouse
Don’t forget to set Type as Link and Option as Warehouse and Default as the warehouse you want

Thank you!


How do you solved this issue? I faced the same and need the items in quotation to take the same warehouse as users’ default; but it redirect them to default warehouse and then they face permission restriction.

Any idea about that please