Quotation Item Price not populated based on Price List

Dear ALL,

When making quotation based on the price list, rate was not automatically populated in the rate field when entering the item code.

But we have noticed that upon entering the item codes first and then select the Price list, rate will automatically be populated…

This should not be the case since we want to check upon encoding each item in quotation if the amount we entered is correct.

Encoding item codes in Quotation should be same as when making sales order, it automatically populates the rate field based on the price list.


Hi @ai_me,

It’s working properly, can you provide some screenshot or gif of an your issue


hi @rohit_w , please see below screenshot for your reference.

Hi @ai_me,

Any message on browser’s console log?


Hi @rohit_w , nothing…

I just noticed difference when I check Custom Form for Sales Order Item and Quotation Item with below screenshots: