Quotation list with sales person

in a effort to follow up inquiries, we thought of seeing a report where sales person is displayed along with quotation and including customer name.
so we can consult the specific sales person to explain why quotation is not fruitful,

You can make a report based on Quotation using Report Builder. It is very simple to make such report, you just need to select columns.

i am not able to find it in report builder.

if you can select “sales person” in the column, that would resolve my issue.
there is no such option there.

much appreciated.

I just tried this and you are correct. Instead we use teh assigned to field in our report. usually the person assigned to do the quote will be the sales person.

but I agree that the sales person field is not directly accessible for a report of this type.

hi! in my setup, sales people can make quotations, but only as draft.
so once verifying the data on the respective quotation draft, it is submitted by me.
if only i had the feature to see who is the sales person along with the customer details and pricing in the report builder,then my issue will be dealt with.

thank you.

Why don’t you consider a Bounty ? https://erpnext.org/bounties I think what you’re requiring could be useful to others. Otherwise you could add an extra field with Sales Person independent of the normal one called something slightly different and use this on your report …