Quotation Lost Reason Form setup

On both Opportunity and Quotation if I mark one as Lost then i get a form to fill in the reason.

But In the search box if I type in ‘New Quotation Lost reason 1’ then I get the option to create set reasons that could be set to select the why a quote was lost, ie you can set say, Too expensive as one reason, Lead time too long as another etc etc


But I can’t see where these doctypes correspond to anything relating to Lost quotes or Opportunities

Is this some old code that is now no longer used? How can i select set reasons defined above for lost quotes rather than free form text box?

I’m using ERPNext vers 10.1.52

Looks like a part of the Setup module, but not accessible via path:

Hi @kennethsequeira

Yes you’re right. But can I use these separate reasons I create here that can be selected for a List reason?

I can’t find anyway to actually use the reasons I create here in ErpNext …

Doesn’t seem usable since when you set quotation as lost, the reason box is made for adding text, just like when you set opportunity to lost: