Quotation no. generation

ERPNext will provide its own quotation series, if i want to start my onwn quotation series, what i have to do? For example, if my last manual quotation no. is not QTN17-028, Then how i will get the QTN17-029 that will be generated by ERPNext.

Please refer

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your update, i have followed the steps but still i am getting some issues. The details are

1- After creating the required updates in naming series, a quote was created with NO. Hi-TECH QTN-17-00001.
2- Hi-TECH QTN-17-029 no. is required to be generated from ERPNext. **** if my last manual quote no. is Hi-TECH QTN-17-028
3- I have made the updates in prefix section for naming series as well but still not getting the required results.

Did you change the current value to 028 ?


its ok now, i am facing no issues.