Quotation print format getting displayed incorrectly (alignment is getting disturbed)

I have prepared a quotation in print format & send the mail.

I also checked the pdf of print format it is also getting displayed properly.

After sending the mail it goes to email queue list where it automatically gets send to particular recipient.

So when the receiver gets the mail format alignment change on left side as well as letterhead logo size gets bigger in size.

Same problem also arises if letterhead is not attached with the print format.but i have attached letterhead in the print format but came with same problem.

But if I send email from the the same email queue list by clicking on the send now button then the print format of quotation gets reflected properly on the mail to the receiver.

Following solutions I had already worked on that are mentioned below :-

I have changed host_name with an IP and changing host_name to hostname on my site_config.json file.
e.g “host_name”:“http://abc.com

Kindly suggest some solution to overcome this issue…

Facing the same issue, haven’t found a solution yet.

Try “host_name”:“http://localhost”

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Thanks a lot for your solution. Problem is solved.!!!

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Thanks, that worked for me as well.