Quotation / Sales order Furniture Store

Hi i am looking to achieve a sales proces as below for a furniture business. A new quote, Sales order or invoice of Doors to capture flow as illustrated below;

Stock Item Door => Type of wood => Design => Colour => custom Dimensions => Finally Custom item Price. end

Each line needs an ite image based on Design & Colour. Above mentioned aatibutes should display on the item line ie.

ROSE WOOD DOOR ---------------------------- PRICE

  • PLAIN / RED / 1050 * 400 * 40
    itEM IMAGE

PINE WOOD DOOR ---------------------------- PRICE

  • MODERN / WHITE / 800 * 350 * 40
    itEM IMAGE

IS this possible? if so how can i achieve it. thank you in advance.

Yes this is possible.

Hi @nmoonga, I do manage an Small wood working company with ERPNext, but I focused on Integrate with the CAD software in the market, in my case (Promob) than doing huge changes in ERPNext.

As the way @Suresh_Thakor suggest, can work, only for products that don’t vary dimensionally, if this rappen, you will need to maintain a really ruge database for every partnumber you want to track.

In my ERPNext I do have some dimensional products, but I managed they by Mt2 (Square Meter), because is easy to get the pricing computing (Width X Length), instead of manage handreds of thousands of variations for every product varying in millimeters.

If you are planning to use ERPNext, the path I can recomend for you are 2:

1 - Get integrated with your CAD software, it will simplify a lot the things for you, if it’s not available, look for step 2:

2 - Build a product hierarchy instead of create variations of products
A product Hierarchy will require a custom field, with some informations Like


  • Material Name: [Wood], [Red Wood], [Black Wood]
  • Min Tickness: 6mm
  • Max Tickness: 6mm

Product Hierarchy Tree

  • Generic Item Code - [Doors], [Cabinets], [Drawers]
  • Product Family - [Wood Doors], [Glass Doors], [Mirror Doors]
  • Materials - [RED Wood], [Black Wood], [Pinus Painted Marfin], [Pinus Natural Wood]
  • Min Depth
  • Max Depth
  • Min With
  • Min Height
  • Max Width
  • Max Height
  • Price Formula

So, this information can be used in a set of chained comboboxes, so for example

  • Item Code : Drawer
    • Material: Black Wood
    • Material Tickness (mm): 15
    • Width (mm): 300
    • Height (mm): 150
    • Depth (mm): 400

The user will be able to associate all the needed information to define an drawer, and you can use the Product Hierarchy, to validate that the information is coherent.

BTW: Not Found


Is there a link to the manual on the product hierarchy? That sounds like it will serve my needs

Maybe this config to order custom APP can give you some idea?

Morning, i might be missing something in the setup but i installed the app. created the DocType but i cant seem to find the DocType-client script.
Secondly i cant find the configurable item mentioned. all item links lead to sock/item and under variants all i see is enable variants and adding fields
Thirdly - cant find BOM doctype to set configurable. unable to procedd

Szufisher, i can find where to “create configurable item”. The images in the howto show path BUYING\ITEM where the configurable item is created but all item references are under STOCK\ITMES. in the ITEM under variants there are only attribute and manufacturer options for enable variants.

What am i missing? install went fine without error.

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v12.10.1 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.8.0 (version-12)

@max_morais_dmm could you help with a step by step on achieving the product hierarchy method?

workflow would be;


** Dimensions are for Order reference/production line only and not for cost calculation