Quotation template

Most of the Times our quotation conatains more than 25 items. Do we have any plan for feature quotation template?

@Deven_Shah you can duplicate a similar quotation and modify the required data. Does that help ?

@neilLasrado temporarily it will help. But, over the period of time, many such templates would be required. And searching from so many quotations it would be difficult.

further, we are using a facility in Zoho CRM through Auto Operation, that if a customer has requirement of certain items, standard quotation (Just like Standard Reply), can be sent across automatically.

Please advise.

@deven_shah such a feature does not exist in ERPNext at the moment. You can raise a feature request at Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I could suggest you a workaround. Create some sample template quotation and ‘star’ them. You can then find them easily. Duplicate them and use as per your need. Hope this helps.

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Ok @neilLasrado. I have created the issue in Github.

In the meantime, your suggestion will help.

Or even use tags to mark the templates.


@vivek thank you. It helps.

You might be able to create a product bundle, and select this for the quotation, but I’m not sure, as I’ve never used the product bundle feature.

I don’t believe product bundles can be added into the quotation as per the erp documentation currently. Can anyone advice if this can be implemented and how it needs to be implemented as we would like to issue quotation with a product bundle as against manually adding individual inventory items (where applicable) given it is time consuming and error prone.

@Aditya_Iyer, I have same problem. Until now no one can solve the problem…

where to find quotation template ? pls help