Quotation to Invoice directly

Is it possible to transform a QUOTATION into an INVOICE, without going through the SALES ORDER step ?

1.You first Create ‘Quotation’ and submit it.
2. Go to Sales invoice->Create New
3. You can see one button will appear ‘Get Items From’
4.Click on that-> Select ‘Quotation’ option
5.On Pop-up window ,you will get Quotation number
6.Select that and you can fetch that quotation on Sales invoice form.

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  • Create a new invoice
  • Click the button “Get Items from”
  • Select Quotation
  • Ba-da-bing=ba-da-boom
  • Create a new Sales Invoice
  • Go to the button “Get Items from”
  • Click on Quotation
  • Select the desired Quotation
  • ???
  • Profit

@Nahuel_Nso After selecting the desired quotation, all the data will be fetched in the Invoice, you do not have to create Sales order in this process.