Quotation with subtotal

Hello there,
I’m looking for fonction in erpnext to make a quotation with subtotal.
I would like to have that:

Item 1
Item 2
---- subtotal 1+2
Item 3
Item 4
---- subtotal 3+4
Grand total

Is it possible in erpnext?


Please elaborate scenario or use case !!

You’ll need to write custom jinja templates for the print format to achieve that.

I work in post production house for film/TV/series.
I often sell a lot of services for one film and for than, i need to outline the quotation for my client.
Like this, he understand every step of the process and he can even chose which step he want to do with us or not.
I expect from erpnext to structure my proposal.
In the project, i have few step, image editing, sound editing etc… It will be a category and for every category i have the subtotal:
For example:

Image Editor … 100$
Editor Assistant … 50$
Room editing … 150$
Image editing (subtotal) 300 $
Sound Editor … 100$
Editor Assistant … 50$
Room editing … 180$
Sound editing (subtotal) 330 $

Total : 630 $

Like we do to add a item, i would like to have a function to add a special item, it wil be the sum of sells above and we put a label in front of it.

I would like to have this in the form of quotation with jinja templates, i can do that?


Yes, you can post a job on the community if you want somebody to do it for you.

How does a print template help here. I think the subtotal and even other sections or section breaks needs to part of the data of the Line items. From there you can used templates for printing.

I would love this feature. Use case in my scenario is I am a system integrator that builds custom control panels. Some jobs have many panels, each panel is composed of differing parts.

Quotation woud look like:
Panel 1

Panel 2
. (as many panels as you need to add)
Grand Total

Currently I make a new quotation for each panel, but it gets to be many quotations and is difficult to keep organized. If each job just had one quotation that would sure be nice.