Quotation workflow process

Hi, recently I am working on erpnext and I have some problems of workflow. I would like to design a quotation workflow - sales user created a draft and sales support will approve or reject. If approve, the quotation will be submitted. And if the quotation is rejected by sales support, the draft will go to Albert( sales manager). If he reject, it will be cancelled. If he approved, the draft will be submitted. I’ve work on that for a long time and I couldn’t figure it out. Could you please help me?

This is what I did, which is not working.

@Kuo_Wang what is not working?

Also the state should probably be “To be Approved by Albert”, rather than just “Approved by Albert”

hey, thank you for reply
So if the sales support approved the quotation, the status will still be draft rather than approved.
Could you please help me with that?

Another thing is if I approved one quotation, there is no way to delete it as usual. what should i do with that? Cheers

@rmehta Could you please help me with this?

@Kuo_Wang add more workflow states.