Quotations from Opportunities not showing in the linked documents


I create a Lead
From which I created an Opportunity
From which I created and submitted 4 Quotations

But when I go back to the Opportunity I cannot see any Quotation associated with it.

When I click on the Opportunity’s quotation link I get an empty list and the filter is:

Against docname = “OPTY-00021”

But actually Quotations can only be associated either to a Lead or to a Customer. That probably explains why no Quotation is shown. Anyway there is no Quotation link in the Lead page so I cannot know if the 4 Quotations would be shown there but they probably would.

This looks like a bug. Do you confirm?

Why can’t we create Quotations based on Opportunities? That would probably solve the problem and it would make a lot of sense.

Also, the Lead page should have a link to its Quotations since one can create Quotations directly from there.

Please advise.


Hi @nununo

I have checked into my local account and it’s working properly, I have did below steps

  1. Created lead

  2. Created opportunity with items

  3. Created quotation against the opportunity

  4. Then checked field Against Docname in the quotation, which showing the value of an opportunity(see attachment)

Even though opportunity has the link of quotation


That explains it: I usually create opportunities without items!
Why is the reference to the Opportunity at item level?

Here’s my typical scenario:

  1. Create a Lead for a person who may have a potential Opportunity: Peter from Shop X
  2. Create an Opportunity from the Lead, calling it “Redecorate Shop X”. It doesn’t really make sense to create items at this stage. It’s just the description of the Opportunity. Once I pursue this Opportunity will I know what Items I’ll be selling. And even if I would create some items in the Opportunity… these could easily change and I’d probably end up looking the relationship.

If you can create Quotations from an Opportunity they should be directly linked at header level. That’s what happens in all other document relationship. Why isn’t this so? That would avoid this problem altogether. Why do the Quotations have to be linked to a Lead if there exists an Opportunity in-between?


if you create a custom field of link type in quotation linked to opportunity then, you can link opportunity to quotation by changing fieldname:‘your_link_field_name’ in opportunity_dashboard.py

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