Quotations sent via Email

    • after i made a selling quotations and show it in draft state in a pdf formate

i see that my Letter Head logo is exist and the quotation look good .

  1. After sending the quotation via Email , the email pdf attachment didnt show the logo letter head in the pdf file

is there a reason ?

thx a lot for your aids .

You probably had a relative URL. Try using a full url like “https://yourdomain.com/link” instead of just “/link”

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Thank u dear . u are completely true

I am having this problem too. Not sure what you mean by relative link tho. I created my letter head with the ERPNext in the setup. The letter head logo is off my work station. Do I need to upload the logo to my ERPNext server somewhere and reference that file instead?

Dear .

Setup > Letter Head

Then press on “Edit as Markdown”

you will see your logo picture in form of link .

for example like this.

<img src=/files/yourlogo.png" width="135">

so now you have to add your full site to be like this

<img src="http://yoursite_/files/yourlogo.png" width="135">

for example

**<img src="http://example.com/files/yourlogo.png" width="135">**

and save

Thanks, I will take a look at that.