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The items do not appear in the quotes form even though the selling price lists are enabled. I have 2 price lists linked to an item list. One is buying and another is selling while the item codes are same. Normally the items should appear in the quotes form when I select the price list but nothing appears.

@yashwantc, do you is expecting the wrong behavior!

Price List, will fetch the “Item Price” base on the combination of the Item and Price List, and not a list of Items based on this!

I have an item list and 2 item price lists. normally while creating a quote i should be able to select items from the chosen item price list. but nothing appears there. is there any other way to add items to a quote?

@yashwantc, just click in Add Row in the Table Items in the body of the Quotation! Select the Item!

thanks @max_morais_dmm but the price list does not appear after add new row. I checked the price lists exist and are enabled but they don’t show up in any of the forms (opportunity/ quotes / purchase orders). the form looks like this -

I created a new price list (say NEW PL). i added a new item (say NEW item) to the item list from “Create New” link in quotes form > add row. I then added the price for NEW item in NEW PL. I added another item (say OLD item) to NEW PL from existing price lists. Result - NEW item shows in quote form while OLD item doesn’t, both are in the same price list NEW PL). I think the problem is with the items i added to the previous price lists. i added these (> 500) as bulk. Any guesses what could be wrong?

@yashwantc, can you give me a screen shot of both Price List records?

OLD Item

NEW Item

@yashwantc I believe that do you have made some confusion! Both images are the same! And this is a image from the Item Price, and not from the Price List

sorry, yes i uploaded the same image. i removed one and uploaded the correct one now.


OLD PL where i uploaded records in bulk

Hi @yashwantc,
On Opportunity form, you can not see "Price List Rate"because Not available that field .
but you made From Opportunity to Quotation then Price list will appear/taken whatever you have created.

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Good catch @shraddha, I completely forgot this detail! I was thinking about Quotations!

In Quotations if you see below, the NEW item is appearing on the right but the OLD item is not there.

@yashwantc check if the old items are marked as Sales Item

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