Rack Field Creation in Item masters and not able to get the rack details


  1. I have created a customized field as “RACK” in the item master.
  2. I have created the data in the rack as 1 for 3 items.
  3. I have created a new BOM for these items.

During the stock entry > Material Receipt or Issues.When I select the items individually I am able to get the Rack no , but when I select through the BOM. I am not able to get the rack number,

Please guide me if have gone wrong anywhere as I have give the DATA to this field.


So, you have added Rack field in Item Master and Material Request Item Form.
It is fetching when you select the single item but not when you getting items from Bom.

Because the script is written for fetching item data and set it in items table. In which your field is not mentioned.

Check this for more details,

you can add a custom script to update details of the item

Hi Sangram,

Yes… Absolutely right and thanks for sharing the code.

Should I copy the script in the custom script/Doc type / Material Request to execute it?

Thanks & Regards