Raising a Single Invoice for Multiple Sales Order

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Is it possible in ERPNext to combine multiple Sales Order (or Delivery Notes) in to a Single Invoice ?

In my case, we do get multiple sales order from a single customer to deliver items which can be unique or some can be common across sales orders, but can be delivered in one batch and needs a single invoice for the same.

To explain with example …


  1. Item-0001
  2. Item-0002

We have a sales order as follows …

  1. Sale-0001,

    Item: Item-0001
    Qty: 100
    Delivery Date: 28-09-2016
  2. Sale-0002,

    Item: Item-0001
    Qty: 150
    Item: Item-0002
    Qty: 100
    Delivery Date: 03-10-2016

We will be delivering both the Orders or 26-09-2016, and would like to raise a single invoice for both of the Sales.

Please let me know how to achieve this in ERPNext.

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-Create new sales Invoice,
-In that option are available "Get Item from"button
-select Sales order
-sales order list will appear
-select one and Get Items(one by one order against same customer)


Yes It is possible, click on Get Items From then select the either Sales Order Or Delivery Note,
Please check the screenshot,

Thanks, Makarand

Hi Makarand,

Thanks for the quick reply, i did try that option but got some sort of an error regarding over delivery of the item, also i need Sales Order or Delivery Note information with the invoice which i do not think currently included in the base system, also would like to know how the Invoice will be associated with the Sales Order (will it be part of both or will be associated to one ?)

Let me know your thought on this.

can you share the error details ?[quote=“Prashanth_Murthy, post:4, topic:15902”]
also, I need Sales Order or Delivery Note information with the invoice which I do not think currently included in the base system

You can find the details in reference section of Sales Invoice Item, Although It may not contain all the details but you can get the Sales Order or Delivery Note reference.

Thanks, Makarand