Random Customer Name or a Random Sequential name

Hi. Firstly. Awesome product.

Sure, the learning curve is a bit steep but once you get a hold of it. Its fun to use tool.

Now, we are using this tool for our “Home Based” ecommerce store and we have customers walk-in or placing order over the phone.

We don’t usually take their name or other details when they place order. Can we have some type of configuration done that when we create a new sale order or vai POS, we dont have to enter customer info and it kind of pre-fills random string like CUST-2024-1001 and then the sequence continues.

We dont want to put everyting under one demo customer as we want to monitor how many customers we had in a month and value of each transaction as well as whats selling most with customers and other data around it.

Thanks in advance. I am sure there is a solution to this but I am not about to locate it.

Hey mate customize the customer doctype and change its naming method to expression. Use something like Cust{YY}{MM}-{###}.

Go through all the fields which you might need to manually populate, and enable “allow in quick entry” for them.

For mandatory fields which you don’t care about, simple set a default value for them.

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