Random scrolling on click

Anyone else have the problem with random scrolling on click? If I click on a field, my page will scroll down by a page, but not every time. I’ve tried chrome & opera browsers.

Edit: Disabling all extensions doesn’t solve the issue.

Version Info

ERPNext: v6.27.9

Frappe Framework: v6.27.10

Poll: v0.0.1

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I’m guessing you’re on the develop branch for Frappe and ERPNext? Can you confirm?

I’ve had this issue for several months in Chrome. I click a checkbox or a button and the page scrolls up or down. I then scroll back and try again and it works.

Something i can replicate on the demo instance is at https://demo.erpnext.com/desk#Form/Employee/EMP%2F0021.

  1. In Chrome, I scroll down and try to check “Unsubscribed” and the scroll issue happens.
  2. In Internet Explorer, its fine.
  3. In Firefox, its fine.

In addition, In Chrome, I can’t reorder desk icons. In the other browsers I can.

EDIT: I checked some other computers with Chrome. I can’t reproduce the scroll issue on those computers. Seems like it’s a very specific problem.

I’ve also encountered this. I’m not sure if it’s resolved or I’ve just become used to it

I think it was resolved. I haven’t had this happen lately.

I always had this issue and am still having it. I’m using a fully patched Windows 10 and the very latest Google Chrome (51.0.2704.84). At first I thought this was a feature where the screen would realign the focus automatically but after having made a lot of pucharse/sales invoices it is clearly a bug on Chrome.

Basically, the click doesn’t seem to be captured, it just scrolls the screen. It stops after doing it once or twice and then the input is accepted.

It’s not a showstopper but it is definitely annoying. The same thing is happening on other computers of mine and there isn’t anything particular about their setup. It looks as if some CSS layover gets moved automatically.

Would be happy to hear about a fix, it’s just a mild annoyance but probably very easily fixed.

EDIT: forgot to mention but I’m on the hosted service.