Random strings in Data Import for child tables

Ok, So I am trying to do a better job of importing my “Items” using the import tool. And to make sure I understood what was supposed to be in each field I created an Item in the user interface and then dumped the template with data.

There are 3 fields that I have questions about. See screenshots:



I have put red circles around the ones I don’t understand.

  • In the first example the field is “ID” under Item Default and it is a required field but I have no idea where I am supposed to get this apparently random string in order to populate this filed in the import template. I only entered the UOM field in the user interface.

  • The second one is similar with field “ID” under Item Supplier where I had only filled in the supplier name and supplier part number in the UI.

  • The third is again similar with Field “ID” under UOM Conversion Detail where I had only filled in the valid UOM in the UI.

I want to import as much as I can all at once so I do not have to access each record later to fill in the missing data.

So, How do I get access to those random strings in order to fill them in correctly?

Please advise.


Those are ids of the child table records. For new imports, you can leave them blank.

Thank you, The import worked and created them fresh when they were left blank.