Raspberry pi 2 for a server?

I was wondering if anyone tried to setup a server on the the new board?

Didn’t even think of it, but I definitely love the idea! :smiley:
If you try, please share your experience!

I have ordered for a new board, will give it a shot some time and let know

Hello, did you have any success on this one ?

nope havent tried yet. but i dont see a reason for it to not work

Did anyone had any luck so far getting ERPNext up and running on a Raspberry PI 2?

I couldn’t managed to do it so far. It seems you need at least a Raspbian Jessie to be able to install all dependencies (incl. MariaDB) via apt-get. But still I ran into some issues during the installation. I haven’t tried any other OS so far.

I tried, and works fine! Of course, I have problem with memory, work slow, very slow… but works fine! any big problems…

@fellipeh: Thanks. Could describe how you managed to install it on a RaspPi 2? Which OS did you use?
The setup script didn’t work for me. I tried to do the necessary steps of it manually, but that also didn’t work out without errors.


I open the setup script, and install all packages manually… using raspian… I put one external HDD, and set my home path and mysql databases there… .

As I said, works fine, but… very…very slow…

Ps.: When I tried, I used ERPNext 3 version, not last version available…ok? So, maybe something was changed…


Hello!! I am also evaluating running ERPNext no an ARM server with limited resources. Has anyone tried using pypy to make the python code run more efficiently? or the bottleneck is the database?

Yes, it is…